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18 September 2015 @ 10:03 pm
Where the Hell Have I Been?  
I've abandoned my post so it seems...

Actually like most Livejournalists (is that the term?) I have been busy with other things. Among the fact that my computer's hard drive failed and all work I had done perished. Not completely true, I did happen to buy an external hard drive right before the crash and luckily stored what I could on it. The other problem is all my programs I used are kaput, normally one can salvage what remains on a hard drive but mine was BROKEN. Rip programs don't seem to recognize most of the material. I'm actually only pissed all my Vampire Dairies music is gone from years of collecting it. That was some folders I never got around to dumping and I wish I had. I do have an old version of Photoshop, the one I originally had for a long time which is version 7. It's outdated for sure, but I get what I need from it though I find myself wanting to use newer filters still. I have icons I made before the break down and I intend to post those on rustedglow. As far as making newer icons, I don't know, I really just make a few for user forums and re-use many of my older ones. I might post occasionally but I cannot promise it will be like I used to. I know I've digressed from this world and it's mostly because my real world is changing often.

Since graphics aren't much of a hobby for me anymore, I've taken to reading books and writing stories. I've been compiling fan fiction ideas for a few different fandoms. I am working on The Walking Dead, Witchblade, and Silent Hill ideas as of now but haven't put down words yet. I wouldn't mind beta-ing for some folks on Fanfiction.net but I don't know how to get into that. I have no problem sitting and reading through stories and editing them.

I still make fanmixes on 8tracks. My "Being a Teenager Sucks" fanmix seems to be the most popular of all, having a ton of hits this summer. Kinda surprised but it is a mix I enjoy, I've thought about putting a secondary mix together.

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