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zombie_sexpot; inspiring the dead...

Kate's Icon Journal & Other Goodies
24 March 1990
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My name is Kate and this is my personal journal. I post mindless ramblings on my likes/dislikes and pictures too. If you are looking for my graphics, please go to rustedglow which is my graphic community.

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30 second to mars, 80s, 90s, a very potter musical, adventures in babysitting, alexz johnson, alternative, amazing unknown bands, and 80s pop, and more blood!, baggy clothes, banners, being human, big wolf on campus, blood, brandon lee, brendan fehr, bring it on, brits, buffy the vampire slayer, camping, chick lit, chillin' with friends, chris evans, cillian murphy, clare danes, cleaning, cooking, corey feldman, corey haim, dance, danny smith, dark angel, darren criss, dead things, desmond harrington, dolph lungren, donna kauffman, electronica, eliza dushku, emma watson, fiction, film making/screenwriting/editing, freaks and geeks, george romero, gilmore girls, graphics, harry potter, hayden christensen, hellrasier, henry cavill, high fashion, high ground, horror, horror graphics, horror icons, horror movie, hot guys, house, ian somerhalder, icons, instant star, james franco, jared leto, jared padalecki, jason behr, jensen ackles, jessica alba, john hughes, karate, kung fu, law and order, less than zero, levi james, little white lie, meg cabot, michael weatherly, mutant x, my so-called life, mysteries, nightmare on elm street, obscure, photography, pop, pretty in pink, princess diaries, push, random, reading, resources, river phoenix, rock, rock n' roll, roswell, sarah michelle gellar, science fiction, sexpots, shiri appleby, sixteen candles, so weird, solarbabies, stand-up comedy, star wars, stephenie meyer, supernatural, suspense, tae kwon doe, teen movies, the breakfast club, the city drive, the crow, the lost boys, thrashin, thriller, thrillers, tie-in novels, toby hemingway, tom felton, twilight, vampires, victor webster, wallpapers, watching films, weird science, writing, x-men, zombie